Friday, December 13, 2013

Oh My Gosh - I LOVE Your Nails!!

Have you ever had a perfect stranger say ”Oh my gosh, I love your nails!” to you? Do your nails get compliments every time you go out in public? Do you have random conversations with perfect strangers regarding your nails? Well, I do! Every time I go out I hear these words: “Oh my gosh, I love your nails!” This is a common occurrence for a Jamberry Nails consultant.

Why are people making comments about my nails? Because they have Jamberry nail wraps on them. With almost 300 designs there is a nail wrap for everyone. Sometimes I’m wearing something calm. Sometimes it’s a nail wrap that matches what I’m wearing that day. And often times I’m wearing something bold. I like bold things…big earrings, great sandals, and a particular name in overpriced handbags.

No matter where I go, people see my nails. Starbucks, the grocery store, the post office…anywhere. People notice my nails. The sweetest little girl was with her mom at the grocery store. She noticed my nails as I was paying. She was so excited about our conversation about nails. The strangest place was in a restroom in the Orlando airport. Now I’m sure many strange things go on in airport restrooms, but I never thought someone would comment on my Jamberry toes that they saw under the restroom stall. All I could say was thank you because I was stunned that people actually talk while using the restroom.

I should start keeping a log/journal of when and where people comment on my Jamberry nail wraps. It would make for interesting conversation the next time I am in an airport.

For more information on Jamberry Nails, you can check out my website Better Than Polish

Easy Nail Art - The Lazy Gals Way to Fabulous Nails

Are you limited for time but want fun nails? Do you love nail art but you are not an artist? Are you tired of paying $5 or more PER NAIL to get something fun added to your manicure or pedicure?

STOP!!! Jamberry nails to the rescue.

We have nail wraps that take care of the problems listed above. Our vinyl, non-toxic, gluten free, no odor nail wraps are applied in about 15 minutes with a simple mini heater, pressure, scissors and a nail file. With over 300 wrap designs we have nail art for everyone. Age 3-93…we have it all. Sports, flowers, solid, holiday, French tip, reverse French tip, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, bright, calm, bridal, even wraps for the little girls. Whatever your style, we have something to compliment it.

Teenagers and Tweens want to have stylish and up to date nail fashion. Moms and dads don’t want to spend the money. Jamberry nail wraps are the answer. Priced right and with multiple uses per sheet, the girls will get many uses and it’s a value for the parents. And since it’s DIY, there’s no drive time to and from the salon. Easy and at home. Great thing to do with your teenager or tween.

Maybe you’re just lazy and won’t make the effort to find a salon you like. Maybe you’re just lazy and don’t want to take the time to paint and dry your nails. Maybe you’re just lazy…Jamberry is the perfect answer for you and your up to date nail fashion!!!

Lazy??? You’re not lazy? You will still love the time and money saved by using our nail wraps. Once your nails are done you can use the time for something else you love to do. You can even put these nail wraps OVER your salon applied nails. Super easy, super fun and it WILL save you time!!

Check out my website here --> Better Than Polish

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: YSL Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream

I just returned from a trip to Burbank, CA and while I was there I happened to stop at the Sephora store in the Hollywood & Highland complex.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular ... just checking things out to see what was different from our Canadian stores.

As I wandered around the store, I came across the Yves Saint Laurent section.  I've become a big fan of YSL's products over the past couple of years and am never without my Touche Eclat luminizing pen.  I have yet to find an American BB cream that is as good as the Asian BB creams, and when I saw the Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream, I was skeptical.

According to YSL, this all-in-one BB cream will hydrate, conceal, correct, protect and prime.  It promises to prime the skin to conceal imperfections with non-stop hydration for all complexions.  It is available in 3 shades (clear, medium and dark) and has an SPF of 25.

I've been using Skin 79's Hot Pink Super Plus BB cream for a couple years now but I hate having to order it from sellers on ebay (you never know if you are going to end up with a fake).  I've previously used Chanel's Vitalumiere moisturizing foundation, which I love for evening out the skin tone, but I am constantly looking for a lighter coverage that I can put on quickly to go run errands.

I gave the YSL all-in-one BB cream a sample at the Sephora store and was VERY pleased so picked up a tube.  By the way, it's not cheap by any means ($50 Canadian as compared to $35 for the Skin 79).

I used this cream over the next few days and I was pleasantly surprised that it not only gives a similar radiance as Vitalumiere, but it's a lighter consistency and yet provides the same benefits as a foundation.   So much in fact that I no longer have to use a foundation - and that I consider a score.   The color blends well and is fantastic for discoloration and acne.  I haven't noticed the color correction yet, but it's too soon to tell yet.

Overall I'm really happy with this product.  It has enough coverage were I wouldn't need foundation over it.  It's a little pricey but TOTALLY worth it.  I like to use this, then YSL's Touche Eclat under my eyes, and follow up with a dusting of the .Laura Geller Balance n' Brighten baked powder to give it a matte finish.  I get so many compliments!!

If you're worried about the price, I say go for it - you won't be sorry!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Jamberry Nails is Here!

Jamberry Nails began with a simple idea of helping women everywhere find a new way to express themselves.  It grew into the easiest way to get noticed and complimented all day long.  Jamberry Nail Wraps are so easy to sell and you'll be doing your own self-marketing.  Wear the Jamberry Nail Wraps and people are naturally going to want to know "Where did you get your nails done?"  That's when you share what you do.  You can sell this anywhere (family, friends, co-workers, etc) and the sky's the limit.  Believe in yourself that you'll succeed ... and you will!  (especially with support from Jamberry Nails and my team).

You'll have the fun and flexibility of working for yourself and earning extra income  selling one of the hottest new products in Canada.  If you're already been wearing Jamberry Nail Wraps, you know they are extremely contagious.  You'll find people naturally interested in purchasing the nail wraps for themselves, making selling them that much more easy.

Now is the perfect time to join this ground-floor business opportunity.  This business is perfect for stay-at-home-moms, stylists, makeup and skin professionals, nail techs, students, business owners, "beauty school dropouts", network marketers, men (yes men!), etc.  Basically this opportunity is for anyone who is looking to supplement their current income or start a brand new career.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Started?
Your consultant kit is $119 + S&H ... that's it!  No autoships, no monthly quotas or inventory needed.  You'll get everything you need to start your business.

You'll Receive:
~ Consultant kit (see below)
~ An instant replicated website so you can take orders immediately.  Your website is FREE for the first three months - then only $10 US per month thereafter. (Your replicated site comes with a backoffice where you can place orders, track your commissions, enter parties, get support and training from Jamberry Nails plus lots more)
~ You'll be paid 30% commission on your sales and also receive a 30% purchasing discount
~ You can earn bonuses, free & discounted products, awards, recognition, etc - especially in your first few months.  There are several goals you can earn rewards from should you reach those milestones in the beginning.
~ You earn generous commissions from team sales as well, should you choose to sponsor a team
~ Access to the Jamberry Nails Independent Consultants Facebook Group
~ And so much more!

How Much Can I Expect to Earn?
Jamberry Nails offers 30% commission on personal sales.  By becoming a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant, you also get a 30% discount on your nail sheet purchases.  You will be given the opportunity to sponsor new consultants and build a team.  If you decide to build a team, you can earn sponsorship commissions as well as group bonuses for reaching monthly sales goals.  Jamberry Nails offers up to 19% sponsorship commissions, which is one of the highest in the industry.

Aside from personal sales and sponsorship commissions, you also get the chance to earn up to 5% volume bonus depending on your level of leadership.  By reaching personal and group monthly sales goals, you can earn bonuses and recognition from the company.  Jamberry Nails offers a very attractive but realistic and attainable compensation plan for those who are interested in starting their own business.  With my help as your Sponsor, I'll give and assist you in whatever sales and team goals you have.

Jamberry Nails Consultant Kit

Your Jamberry Nails New Consultant Kit will include:
~ 50 Catalogs
~ 50 Brochures
~ 100 Order Forms
~ Rubber Cuticle Pusher
~ 50 Orange Sticks
~ 5 Crystal Files
~ Mini Heater
~ Alcohol Wipes
~ Consultant Guide
~ 3 Buffers
~ 3 Sets of Scissors
~ 50 Sample Cards
~ 1 Sheet of Jamberry Nails
~ Credit to Order 3 Sheets of Nails of Your Choosing
~ 3 Months of Use on Your Personal Website

Full Training and Support:
When choosing a direct sales company to join, you need to take the first step - finding a sponsor.  My main goal is to adhere to Jamberry Nail's mission and help women feel beautiful and achieve financial freedom.  I'm committed to helping you rise to the top and achieve your financial goals and aspirations.

You'll have your own personal cheerleader.  When you achieve, we all achieve - and when you need a "pick me up", we are all here to do just that.  You won't be left alone or be in this business by yourself (unless that is something you want) - no matter how well you're doing.  Commitment is what you should expect and what you'll receive.  No more feeling like you are just another number or forgotten about.  It's time to be a part of a team where you matter!

Assistance in achieving your goals - whether it's reaching a certain rank, increase in sales, personal development, etc, you'll be given assistance.  Everyone needs to have a "why" - why are you doing this business?  Why do you want to succeed?  It can be because you are looking to get out of debt, you want to support your children, inspire other women, be a part of a movement, go to college or just make more money.

Exclusive training - once you become a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant, you'll automatically receive training from Jamberry.  However, you'll receive additional training and marketing tips in social media, relationship building and so much more from me and our team.

Whether you like doing actual home parties and events, or just want to strictly do your business online, you'll receive coaching and assistance the entire way.

You'll receive exclusive access to our team's Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get tools, tips and strategies to get your business going.  You may not need the support, but it's there for you to take advantage of no matter if you are new to a home-based business or a seasoned veteran.  

Gone are the days of nails that chip and flake after only a few days! Gone are the days of mani/pedis that take all afternoon and most of your cash, too! Jamberry Nails arm you with style and confidence, while demanding very little of your time or money. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, or message me at

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What is Shakeology Really Supposed to Do For You?

So, what is Shakeology really supposed to do for you?? While each person's body is unique and different, we have come up with some short summaries of effects that anyone taking Shakeology on a regular basis should experience.

Antioxidants: Shakeology contains some of the most potent antioxidants: flavonoids and phytonutrients such as spinach, blue green algae, carrot powder, strawberry powder, and vitamins E and C. These help to prevent free radicals from oxidizing and destroying cells. The ingredients in our antioxidant blend such as pomegranate, acai berry, camu-camu, goji, and blueberry also have powerful antioxidant effects to support your immune system and help protect your body from normal inflammatory response.

Energy: Shakeology contains a range of B vitamins and trace minerals, like zinc and magnesium, from whole food sources that regulate metabolism and increase energy. Shakeology also contains maca root, an adaptogen herb known to promote endurance and stamina. Check out our Ingredient Spotlight on maca root to learn more.

Digestion: The Shakeology non-dairy prebiotic and probiotic blend contains fiber and different enzymes like amylase, papain, cellulose, and lactase, which all support digestion. These ingredients aid in breaking down food molecules into smaller molecules that can be properly digested, so all of the nutrients can be absorbed into your system.

Mood: One scoop of Shakeology provides 100% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin B12. B12 is often linked with good mood maintenance; B vitamins are also essential for the production and proper functioning of neurotransmitters like dopamine, crucial to the experience of pleasure. Shakeology also contains cacao, which is very high in phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA acts as a neuromodulator to enhance one's mood.

Detoxification: Many of the ingredients in Shakeology (spirulina, chlorella, flaxseed, barley grass, spinach) contain powerful detoxification compounds such as chlorophyll and alpha-linolenic acid. These ingredients may help rid the body of environmental toxins such as smog, heavy metals, herbicides, cleaning products, and pesticides. They also aid in liver detoxification. Shakeology also includes kamut grass, an ingredient coined "nature's most powerful detoxifier." This grass has been known to cleanse the body and detoxify the cells to restore health and vitality. Immunity. The antioxidants, bioflavanoids, and flavanoids in Shakeology work to support immunity. Some of these ingredients include ashwaganda, acerola cherry, rose hips, and goji berries. The goji berries in Shakeology are one of the richest sources of antioxidants; not only does goji berry promote eye, reproductive, and circulatory health, but it also supports your immune system and promotes longevity!

Satiety/cravings: The protein, chromium, and nutrient-dense calories from superfoods in Shakeology work to help decrease your appetite. Chromium is important because it helps maintain blood-sugar levels, which reduces sugar cravings and promotes fat metabolism. Plus, protein-rich meals are a great way to keep you feeling full, longer!

Complete nutrition: Each Shakeology ingredient plays an important role in feeding your body on a cellular level, but it is important to remember that the synergy of the 70+ ingredients working together is what truly fuels your body to keep you looking and feeling your best.

So there you have it! That's a snapshot of all the wonderful things Shakeology does for your body. We could literally write a book on these potent ingredients, but sometimes a cheat sheet is just what the doctor ordered. If you commit some of the aspects of this article to memory, then the next time someone asks you, "What does Shakeology do for your body?" you'll be able to provide them with more specialized information than, "It's the Healthiest Meal of the Day! It helps you lose weight, curb cravings, lower cholesterol, and increase energy." This is all true, but at the end of the day, Shakeology is SO much more than that!

For more information on Shakeology - you can visit their website

Melaleuca….Are they really a green company? I beg to differ….Clearly Toxic!!!!

A while ago (OK, actually about 18 months ago) I was on a journey to find a job I could do from home. A friend mentioned she had something I might like and to make a long story short, I was introduced to Melaleuca. I thought hmmm, I can buy safe products for my family and also make a business out of this.

I was told they don't use harsh chemicals and their products are green and natural. They've got it all - over 350 products ranging from cleaning supplies to personal care products and vitamins. You are basically switching stores and buying your necessities from Melaleuca - which by the way are supposed to be much higher quality, and cheaper - than what you get at Walmart. Plus they are safer for the environment and your health.

The first thing I didn’t like about this company was that I had to sign up to purchase 35 product points a month, which seemed a lot for my family. Oh yeah, and if you didn’t order, you had to have a back up order on file and they would automatically send you that and charge your card.

Well I decided to give it a try, and found we did like the products.

I tried building a business, and at first found a few people to enroll as customers. One of the big things Melaleuca pushes is there is "no selling, no inventory, no large investment" so a lot of people seemed interested. That was until they had to call into a phone presentation to find out what the business actually was. A lot of people felt it was a scam.

I soon found out that it was more work than it was worth, as the average amount you make from "introducing someone to the company" was only $2.45.  In order to make any sort of residual income, you need to get hundreds, if not thousands of people enrolled.

Now, one of the friends I told about the Melaleuca green products got back tome with some interesting info. She had been doing some research into the ingredients in the products and found that Melaleuca wasn't so green after all.

One of the personal products she was looking at was the Koala pals for her sons and the Renew Body wash for herself.

Some of the ingredients:

PEG 80 Sorbitan Laurate, is not safe to use on injured or damaged skin. There is also a strong evidence of being a human skin toxicant and is a primary skin irritant. Not good for everyday use, only limited use.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine, is a skin sensitizer – an agent that can induce allergic reaction in the skin or lungs. Again not safe for everyday use, only safe for limited use.

Fragrance, is a known human immune system toxicant. Also has a score of 8 for high hazard.

Other toxic ingredients included in these products were - Benzyl Alcohol (a solvent), Butylphenyl Methylpropional (a synthetic scent ingredient associated with allergies and contact dermatitis), and Amylcinnamyl Alcohol (known human immune system toxicant/allergen).

After hearing this, I went and checked a product I absolutely LOVE - Sol-U-Mel. To my surprise, the first ingredient in Sol-U-Mel is SD Alcohol 40B - which is a mixture of ethanol with a denaturing agent. For those that don't know, ethanol is considered broadly toxic and linked to birth defects following excessive oral ingestion. Now most people won't drink Sol-U-Mel, however Melaleuca is proud to say they don't need to put safety caps on their products as they are safe. I don't think Sol-U-Mel is all that safe now!!

I could go on and on about the ingredients on these products but how can a “wellness” company sell products like these? This company is definitely not a green company. They claim that Johnson’s baby wash is harmful and toxic. Well most of the ingredients in Johnson’s is also in their koala pals and Renew body wash.  A lot of their labels don't even list the ingredients included in a product!  That to me is a red flag right there.

If you are using any of the Melaleuca products, I urge you to read the labels and do your homework. Seriously grab this list of chemicals. Then look at the products in your home like your deodorant, shampoo, mouthwash, baby lotion, hand creams, household cleaners and make up. See if they contain any one or more of these products.

Sorry Melaleuca, unfortunately I will be cancelling my Melaleuca membership and looking for something truly safe for my family.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beauty Starts on the Inside

It's no secret a healthy diet and active lifestyle does wonders for your appearance. Not only does eating clean help you keep the weight off, but it also enriches your beauty. When you take care of yourself your health radiates from the inside out!

Good nutrition naturally nurtures healthy, glowing skin to help keep it free of acne. That's why many skin-nurturing beauty products on the market have ingredients like citrus, acai berries, camu-camu and other potent superfoods in them; these ingredients are as good for you insides as they are for your exterior.

Good nutrition also can do wonders for strengthening your hair from heating products you may use every day and it also supports healthy growth and texture. Finally, when you're eating right you may also notice your nails become stronger, grow faster and maybe don't crack and break as often.

This is all thanks to good nutrition! So what should you be eating to enrich your hair, skin and nails? Here are a few ingredients that are great for all of the above. You can find these ingredients in many foods at your local grocery store and you can find all of them in Shakeology.

Biotin: Helps promote the health of hair, skin, and nails.

Bromelain: Helps support damaged tissue especially after a burn.

Chlorella: Phytonutrient that helps support healthy skin.

Citric Acid: Helps provide antioxidant protection for the skin.

Folic Acid: A deficiency may cause gray hair.

Cocoa: Antioxidant support for healthy skin.

Gingko: Antioxidant support for skin and promotes healthy circulation.

Goji Berry: High in antioxidants which help minimize damage from free radicals that injure cells and can damage DNA.

Grape Seed Extract: Used to protect collagen and elastin in skin (anti-aging).

Green tea: Comes from the Camellia Sinensis tea plant, which is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and that detoxify cell-damaging free radicals in the body.

Magnesium: Can help cells repair faster.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5): Helps reduce signs of aging, skin disorders, and gray hair.

Papain: Taken from the fruit of the papaya tree. It is used to help promote healing for a variety of skin conditions.

Schisandra: Helps to prevent aging.

Vitamin A: Is often used to help skin conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, wounds, burns, and sunburn.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Used for treating acne, maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails. It also has anti-aging properties.

Vitamin B6: Beneficial for acne and various other skin conditions.

Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant that can be used to help repair and firm the skin.

Vitamin E: Can help to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen is a primary component of your skin and may help prevent scarring from wounds and acne.

Vitamin K: Helps promote healing and helpful for mild bruising and swelling.

Wheat Grass: Rich in phytonutrients that may help to prevent gray hair.

To learn more about Shakeology visit

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back on the Bandwagon - Part 3

Now in addition to my Shakeology (which my hubby also loves by the way), I've committed myself to trying  Beachbody's Insanity workout program.  I talked to friends who have done it - and yes it is intense, but I am determined.  Plus my hubby is going to be doing it with me!!

Tonight was our first experience with Insanity. They were right - it is insane - I felt like I was going to die!!  But I did my best (as did hubby) and here were my results (no laughing please) ... 

I honestly didn't think I was THAT out of shape.  I know it can only get better from here ... so wish me luck and I'll keep you posted on how things go

Back on the Bandwagon - Part 2

Back when I started my weight loss journey, I was anxious to try Shakeology - I had heard so many good things about it. 

Now unfortunately Beachbody doesn't offer "samples" of their shakes - unless you can find a coach who is willing to ship one of the individual packets to you.  You can buy these individual packets on eBay, however, be prepared to pay an arm and leg for one packet.  So to try it, you just have to bite the bullet and buy either a bag or a box of individual packets. 

It is a bit pricey ($120 retail) but if you sign up as a coach (distributor) you can purchase it for 25% off.  But even at that price it's still rather pricey.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to paying money for something that is a superior product, however, I don't want to have to force myself to drink the shakes just for the benefits if I don't like the taste.  I think most people would agree with me on that point.  

When I started to look into Shakeology, I had heard all the stories about how "magical" it was, and I have to say that did peak my interest.  I like that it has all the vitamins and minerals included (I hate to take a bunch of supplements) and love that they have a chocolate flavor option.  So, off to Ebay I went - and found someone who had the single packages for sale for a reasonable price - YAY, I could finally try it!!

While waiting for my "samples" to arrive, I signed up on the TeamBeachbody website - read through the forums, etc. and got a bit anxious when I read that people hated the "new chocolate taste".  Apparently Beachbody had changed their formula and the awesome chocolate flavor was no longer (sad face) - the new "superfood" formula was crap compared to the old formula.  The old formula tasted very much like a chocolate milkshake whereas most people who tried both the old and new formulas did not like the new formula.  General consensus is that the new formula tastes horrible and has a bad aftertaste.

Well, since I hadn't tried the first one, I thought what the heck ... I'll give it a go.   I admit it did have a bit of an aftertaste, however, mixing it with chocolate milk and honey seemed to mask that aftertaste somewhat ... it wasn't horrible by any means.

In reality, I'm just trying to lose the rest of the weight I need to lose, eat healthier and Shakeology seemed to be perfect for me.

When researching Shakeology I had heard that the vegan Strawberry was much better than the "new chocolate", so back to Ebay I went.  I was able to find someone who would ship it to me for a reasonable price and once I tried it, I absolutely LOVED it!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Back on the Bandwagon - Part 1

Some of you may know about my weight loss journey.  For those that don't here's the story ...  I've found that as I have been getting older, I'm truly having a much tougher time losing weight. So in October 2012 I resolved to begin changing by my body image.

This is probably a good time to mention that I'm 5'3" and when I decided that I would seriously try to lose some weight, I weighed 155 lbs - not really a big deal but I knew I needed to lose a few pounds. Plus I was hating the way my tummy and thighs looked ... YUCK!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my Coke and it wasn't uncommon for me to drink 3-4 cans of Coke a day if not more. So, the first thing I did was cut out any pop/soda from my diet, and I admit, this first step was hard. I was determined and as I struggled I replaced my daily Coke habit with green tea.

For Christmas 2011 my hubby bought me a Keurig coffee maker ... which is funny because I don't drink coffee. But one good thing about the Keurig is you can buy a reusable filter basket that allows you to make your own K-cups with whatever you want. Since the Keurig is so fast at brewing, I can have my green tea (either warm or iced) in less than 1 minute. Awesome!!! That's one thing I always hated about having to use a kettle for tea - took too damn long to boil the water. The Keurig was a perfect solution!!

About a month after cutting out Coke and replacing it with green tea, I decided to weigh myself ... and to my surprise I had lost 15 pounds ... Wow!! Now I really didn't think I looked much different, but in mid-May 2012 we headed down to Orlando for our annual May getaway and friends that had just seen us in October asked if I had lost weight. Awesome!!!!

Heading home from our vacation, I wasn't sure what to expect when I stepped on the scale. We do like to eat well and tend to enjoy a few adult beverages when we are on vacation, and this trip was no exception, however, one thing I did not do was drink any pop/soda whatsoever during our trip (that was truly a test of my willpower by the way). Once again I was surprised ... I had not gained any weight at all ... now, I didn't lose any weight either, but I didn't gain any so it was totally a win in my books!!

Since that time, I have been actively trying to lose the last 15 lbs by exercising more regularly (usually walking a couple times of week) and continued with my green tea.   Unfortunately I'm finding that I seem to be craving junk food later in the evening - which is really something I need to curb.  It's definitely not helping my weight loss.

Then came Winter and our walks stopped (no I'm not walking when it's -40 below) and then the Holiday season and unfortunately, mostly due to laziness on my part and my junk food cravings, I've put back on 5 pounds.  UGH!!

It's now Spring again ... warm enough to start our walks again ... and I'm more determined than ever to lose those 20 pounds.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Are You Using Toxic Chemicals in Your Home?

In November 2011, I was introduced to an opportunity that changed my life. I loved the company's mission of being eco green. I loved the idea of it being safe for my family including my pets. I loved the idea of house cleaning supplies without the caustic chemicals and products that were highly concentrated, giving me more for my hard earned money.

Ask yourself this ...
~ Why is there such an epidemic of ADHD in our children?
~ Why are there so many cancers?
~ Why are birth defects, brain, kidney & liver disease such national issues?
~ Sinus & asthma problems have become major health issues
~ Why are so called "old age diseases" now attacking our children?

What's going on? What's the cause of these health issues?

Here's a list of the top 12 toxic ingredients you'll find in your home
~ Propylene Glycol / Butylene Glycol / Ethylene Glycol
~ Sodium Hydroxide
~ Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)
~ PEG - Polyethylene Glycol
~ Mineral Oil
~ Triclosan
~ Parabens
~ Isopropyl Alcohol
~ FD&C Color Pigments
~ Fragrance

Seriously grab this list of chemicals. Then look at the products in your home like your deodorant, shampoo, mouthwash, baby lotion, hand creams, household cleaners and make up. See if they contain any one of these products.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Scentsy Warmer of the Month - April 2013 - Big Apple

Big Apple is the April Scentsy warmer of the month.

A three-piece warmer with amazing, hand-painted details. Topped with a pair of glossy green leaves, it looks so good you might be tempted to take a bite! Perfect as an end-of-the-year teacher gift for your child’s favorite teacher–or as a gift to yourself!

Big Apple uses 20-watt light bulb.
Available April 1, 2013

Regular Price: $42.00 CDN / $35.00 US
April 2013 Price: $37.80 CDN / $31.50 US

Scentsy's April Scent of the Month

Sunny & Share*: A sunny shore washed clean by a spring shower–soft sea air, golden citrus, and dewy driftwood scattered with white beach daisies.

* Available April 1, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Scentsy Products for Spring/Summer 2013

Our New Spring/Summer 2013 Scentsy Products and Catalog are the BEST EVER! Seriously. I am so excited to share them all with you. Here is a short Video that you can watch to Learn about ALL of the Scentsy Products that are Available as of Today!  Buy Now.

Email me to find out my Customer Specials -

Oh, and before I forget, this month it will have been 1 year since I joined the Scentsy Family.

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Tips For Using Pinterest Well

As someone who has been avidly using Pinterest for about 6 months, I can honestly say it has greatly impacted my internet consumption, creativity and blog content.  I know many of you are on Pinterest, but probably a greater amount have only stuck your toe in the Pinterest waters or are thinking, “I don’t need ANOTHER thing online.” This post is for ALL of you. I hope these tips will help you start or improve your Pinterest experience.

Create very specific boards 
This is very important. When you first get started on Pinterest, you will be tempted to have general boards. Don’t do this. What will happen is that you will start pinning all recipes to recipes and then before you know it you will have 300 recipes – from dips to desserts to crock pot beef stew. Segment as much as possible. Some examples

  • Tips and tricks (for posts like this one!)
  • One board per type of recipe (meals, crock pot, desserts, breakfast, sides and apps, parties, etc.)
  • One board per holiday (Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Halloween, etc.)
  • Sewing
  • Project Life
  • Memory Keeping (general scrapbook pages/scrapbook ideas)
  • Printables
  • Favorite books/books I want to read
  • Inspirational words
  • Photo inspiration

Create a completed pins board 
I have pinned about 2,000 items to Pinterest. That is a lot. I have found it very gratifying to create and use a completed pins board. Once I have made a recipe, done a craft project, etc. from Pinterest, I will repin the item to my completed pins board, along with comments about what worked/didn’t work, etc. This is very helpful for me – and for the followers of that board.

Follow a lot of people 
I love following a lot of people on Pinterest because it means I find a lot of great items to pin. Interestingly, Pinterest also adds you as a follower to boards that their algorithm thinks you will like. This helps you to find more great stuff to pin.

Pin from your favorite sites 
If you see something you like on a website pin it! (I have the Pin It tool installed on my toolbar, which makes it really easy to pin from any site. It takes about 5 seconds to install.) Pinterest is only as good as the stuff that is pinned on it, so it needs people to pin new items to it. Plus, pins help drive traffic to your favorite sites. (I’m so thankful every time you pin something from this site.)

Pin the specific URL of a post to Pinterest (not the generic site URL) 
This is an important one! When you see something on a site that you want to pin, be sure to click on the post so that you pin from the actual post – and not the main site URL. Otherwise, once that post moves from the main page, no one will be able to  find it. (Similarly don’t pin from a google image search – pin from the site the image came from).

Search pins to find new inspiration 
If you are researching ideas, check out the search function on Pinterest to find new ideas. The search function isn’t as robust as I would like it to be (it isn’t endless, you can’t sort by recent or popular, etc.), but I do always find SOMETHING worth repinning. I especially like using search when I am looking for a recipe, home dec ideas or party inspiration.

Write meaningful descriptions (include key words, @+a name will tag someone) 
Pinterest requires you to write a description of some sort. It is frustrating when a description is something like yum or must try and doesn’t tell the viewer what the picture is of. Be sure your description tells what the pin is.  It is also nice when you include the blog name or tag someone.  You may have noticed that more and more bloggers are including text on their images to make the images “Pinterest friendly” and helpful for viewers on Pinterest.

Don’t post an entire blog post in your pin 
It is poor etiquette to paste an entire post/recipe etc. on a pin. Instead, when you pin an item, write a simple description of the item so people will click to get the full tutorial, recipe, etc.

Comment! Pinterest is a social site like Facebook and Twitter, so interact!

What would you add to this list? Please feel free to leave your Pinterest name in the comments so I can follow you. AND, if you are not on Pinterest and need an invitation, send me an email and I will happily send you an invite.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Are "Green" Products Better for You?

Keeping your home clean doesn't require weapons of mass disinfection. Antibacterial and harsh cleansers are usually unnecessary, and some raise concerns about our health and the environment.

These products don't work any better than their natural or non-toxic counterparts, and they damage the environment and potentially place our long-term health at risk.

One thing I learned working in health care for many years, is the antibacterial soap we buy in the store doesn't clean hands or reduce the spread of illness any better than regular soap.

You can keep your home just as clean for much less money, safeguard your personal health, and even protect the environment by going back to the basics.

When the bathroom starts to look grubby and you pull out all the conventional brushes, sponges, sprays and bleach and start scrubbing, you expose yourself to hundreds of chemicals that have known, and possibly unknown, toxic effects.

The problem is that most people use more than one cleaning product for the bathroom—there is one for the toilet, one for the mirror, perhaps one for surfaces, another to clean mildew from tiles and then tons of other "specialized" cleaning product options. The repeated exposures to the chemicals in all of these products can add up.

Certain chemicals commonly found in conventional cleaning products present known or suspected problems for the people that use them and the environment once washed down the drain.

Volatile organic compounds, used to enhance the performance of a product, can impair neurological functions, while other chemicals can act as respiratory irritants, carcinogens or reproductive toxins, depending upon the extent of exposure, according to the National Environmental Trust and other environmental groups.

Phosphates can cause the eutrophication of rivers and other bodies of water, which can deplete them of oxygen and decrease water quality.

There is little regulation of cleaning chemicals, and there are virtually no labeling requirements to let people know what they are exposing themselves and the planet to.

Companies select ingredients for cleaning products to enhance their performance, but a lot of the chemicals, we simply don't know anything about.

For example, phthalates, which are suspected to have adverse hormonal effects, help distribute dyes and fragrances and act as plasticizers. Other chemicals are used to keep a product stable on the shelf, while others, such as glycols, act like anti-freeze. Still other chemicals could simply be impurities left over from the manufacturing process.

With some 80,000 chemicals in common use, there are still some that could have as-yet unknown toxic effects.

Growing awareness and demand by ecologically-minded consumers, as well as parents motivated to keep their family healthy, has led to an explosion of environmentally friendlier and non-toxic products. There are many products in this category – from laundry detergents and fabric softeners to multi-surface and floor cleaners, to tile and bathroom cleaners -- that are convenient and safer for people and the planet.

So, if you are looking for safer products for both your family and the environment, and would like to earn a little extra money doing so (or maybe you just want to become environmentally friendly) contact me at and I'll be more than happy to provide additional information.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Can I really Make Money with Scentsy?

Make Money with Scentsy? When most people look at any opportunity – whether it’s finding out a potential salary for a job their interviewing for; investing money; looking at a Direct Selling or MLM business opportunity – the top concern is: How much money can I make?

When I joined Scentsy in March 2012 – everyone (seriously, everyone) thought I was crazy to think that selling candle warmers and wax would really get us out of debt and help us both retire much less…make money. Guess what? We are no longer hounded by collection agencies or worried about our internet, power and heat being turned off again.

With The Scentsy Family our income potential is now absolutely limitless. As of today we have 3 Brands (all very different) with more planned to be introduced each year!

Ways to Make Money with Scentsy:

Host a Party!
The easiest, and fastest, way to make money with Scentsy is by hosting your own or booking parties with friends, family, co-workers and party guests! Most Scentsy parties average $400-600 in Sales. Of course, some can bomb while others can have super high sales. Let’s say you want to make an extra $500 a month to help pay your bills, car payment, daycare or even your vacation or shopping funds, you can figure out how many parties it would take (using the company average) to meet your goal.

Example: If every party you have averages $500 in sales this would earn you $125 in Commissions per party (at 25%, or $100 at 20% until you earn your first promotion). So, you can figure out that if you make $125 per party you would need to have at least 4 parties a month (4 x $125) which will reach your goal of $500 in Commissions. The really fun part though is that Scentsy will give you a raise in any month you sell $2000 in product of an extra 5% so you’d actually make $600 in commissions. 4 $500 parties will get you to the $2000. That boils down to just 1 party a week!

Recruit your Hostesses and Customers:
You make money – called overrides – on what your recruits (and their teams) sell each month. At first, it’s not a lot. You could make just $10 extra with only one downline member but, over time, you will start earning more and more as your team grows and sells. This is the true key to building wealth. Of course there are requirements to earn this bonus income.

Money isn’t everything!
Of course you can make money with Scentsy – but, that’s not the best part of being with this fantastic company. When you make money it’s true that life does get easier. It’s about the people! While making our financial future brighter my real joy now is to help make other people’s goals and dreams become a reality. I love helping our team earn trips – some of them their first ever out of the country and even one couples very late honeymoon; helping a social worker earn enough money to pay for medical bills, tires and a new computer when her job salary wasn’t able to cut it; seeing someone gain enough confidence to talk to a stranger after years of being too shy to even imagine doing it; and…being able to give back has been so rewarding to me!

I want to share my two favorite quotes with you – both from J. Paul Getty – an American Oil Tycoon, Entrepreneur and is listed as the 67th richest person who ever lived.

“The #1 guideline to success is you must be in business for yourself. When you work for someone else, you sell your time at wholesale to your employer, who then re-sells it at retail to the customer.”


“I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.”

I’d Love to have you on our team. We devote the majority of our time to training and mentoring our Team and Downline. If you are ready to not only make money with one of the Scentsy Family Brands but also help others reach their personal goals and give great customer service…then JOIN OUR TEAM!

We have a lot of information and knowledge to share and are here to help you get started – today. Contact me for more info on becoming a Scentsy Consultant or click here to learn more!

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Make a change – get a different result!

I was out doing errands the other day. I was at a stop light waiting to take a right and I saw a man laying on the sidewalk, face down on the pavement, one shoe off. My first thought was "is that guy dead?” but then saw his chest moving up and down so I knew that he was alive and just sleeping as he probably didn’t have anywhere to live.

I’m writing this post today because I couldn’t get the vision of the man on the sidewalk. It really got me thinking, a lot, about different times in our life where we thought we might end up without a roof over our heads. We’ve had a lot of financial struggles and did wonder, at times, if we’d have to live in our tent or truck or something. Every time I had these thoughts we fought to work harder and better to make sure that we always had a roof over our heads and never had to worry about where our next meal was coming from or if when our power or water would be turned back on!

We’ve made a lot of stupid financial and business decisions as well as having some unfortunate economy based problems occur that were out of our control. We could have just given up each time these things happened and felt sorry for ourselves. Sometimes I did cry or not sleep – at all- because of the stress that this puts on you – my husband too! Still, we woke up every day and kept plugging away. Not quite a year ago, I took a leap and joined Scentsy and became a consultant. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I loved the warmers, scents and the idea of online marketing as a way to make some extra money – which we could definitely use. We didn’t realize it at the time but this was a pivotal time in our lives and joining was a defining moment.

Looking back, I just knew that even if I stunk at the business that I was at least trying to do something to help get us out debt. I never thought that we would have an awesome team of consultants all across the USA, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico. I had no idea if I'd make enough for me to work from home full time or to earn trip, bonus’s and prizes! This time next year I want to be able to make some travel plans without stressing out about how we’ll come up with the money to do it.

I’m not saying that you can just join Scentsy or other Direct Selling companies and you’ll be magically in a better ‘place’ – I am working very hard and continue to push myself each day to get to a position where we are never again fearful of losing our home!

If you are looking to ensure financial stability for you and your family then you can’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself (at least for more than a day) and hope for someone or something to come along to rescue you. YOU are the only one who can improve your financial situation and take care of your family – now and in the future.

Times are really tough right now and we are seeing more and more people we know who are struggling to make ends meet. Most of them are waiting for work to pick up or for a ‘job’ to pull them out of their financial crisis. While it’s good to make sure that you have stable work and can meet your basic bills and needs, it won’t really increase your income. I’ve never had a Job in which the more hours I worked the more time I had to spend with my family – have you? Most the people I know who work more than one job have been doing so for a long time and don’t see that trend ending anytime soon. Most of the time it seems like they really only make a few hundred extra dollars a month. They are trading their time for money and usually…the money’s not that great. Very part-time Scentsy consultants can make a few hundred extra dollars a month by having one or two fun parties a month that take just 1-3 hrs of your time instead of 20 hrs a week. That sounds a whole lot more fun and a much better way to use your time – just saying!

My point is, if you don’t make a change then you won’t get a different result! How many of you keep telling people that you don’t have money to do this or that? You don’t have time to do stuff with your family? Can’t take a day off of work for fear of losing your job? I can go on and on with the things we hear that people “can’t” do. What we almost never hear is, “I’m sick of not having any money, working in a job that doesn’t pay me enough, not having any time to spend with my family…I’m ready to take a leap and make a change so I never have to say that again!” When we finally did that, we're on our way to making things better for us!

A friend of ours just lost her job the other day. She posted on FB that she didn’t even like her job in the first place but that it really ‘hurt’ to lose her income. I immediately thought, “Awesome! Now she can find something to do that she loves instead of doing something she can’t stand!” I saw this as a GOOD thing for her! Instead of telling her how sorry I was for her and not to worry and that she’d find a job soon, I told her that I wanted to meet and discuss doing what I do to see if it was something that she’d like. She said that she was grateful and honored that I’d even think of her! Isn’t that crazy? Now, she might not want to Join Scentsy, but at least she’ll know that she has more options than just a crummy job.

We can make anything out of our lives – if we want to. I mean ‘really’ want to. You can’t just wish it and ‘poof’ it happens. You’ve got to be dedicated to do the work that goes into changing your life and tweaking how you think! When we have a friends, family or consultants who are trying to make changes in their lives, we bend over backwards to offer our support! Taking a ‘chance’ can be very scary so you need all the support you can get!

Good luck to all of you in finding your path to a better future. Whatever you decided to do…give it your all!

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Bring Back My Bar

Scentsy Bar Addicts… Bring Back My Bar!

Scentsy’s Bring Back My Bar campaign voting has ended to vote for your favorite discontinued scents brought back for ONE MONTH ONLY (January 2013). Twice a year, customers and consultants can vote for their favorite discontinued fragrances to come back with Scentsy’s Bring Back My Bar campaign. The fragrances are only available in a Scentsy Bar (not room sprays, scent circles, etc.) and for one month only – January or July.

JANUARY 2013 Bring Back My Bar scents:

Available to buy BBMB bars January 1-31, 2013, so stock up quick! Get one of each scent in a 20-bar BBMB Sampler Pack and save!

Buy one BBMB bar – $6 each
Buy a 6-pack of bars = $30 (save $6)
Buy BBMB sampler of all 20 bars = $102 (save $18)

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Work From Home with your own Candle Business

These days people are having a hard time meeting their financial obligations; some are now one income families due to a layoff; some are out of work and can’t find a job or at least one that can pay their bills, etc. Reality is, we all need multiple streams of income to ensure our livelihood. You can’t depend on your employer to be there for you any longer. They are looking out for their bottom line and if they have to restructure or close an office or plant then you or your spouse may be left out in the cold. Many people have 2nd and 3rd jobs because one job isn’t cutting it. A Direct Selling business could be the cure to all of your ails!

Now, there are so many advertisements for Home Based Businesses, Work From Home commercials, Make Money Online, etc. So, which one do you choose?

Here’s what you should do: Review a bunch of business opportunities. Don’t just pick the first one you see on late night TV or the first blinking ad on the internet. Don’t sign up with the first person to hit you up with an opportunity just because they are your friend or because you get caught up in the moment. Check out at least 5 businesses that you could get excited about. If you’re a health nut then check out some of the lotion and potion products out there. If you are interested in more of a ‘professional’ opportunity look for those.  If you like scrapbooking there are several home based scrapbooking opportunities so check them out. You should NEVER pick a business model that you don’t have excitement for.

Over the past few years we had some pretty tough times.  My husband wasn't getting as much work thrown his way and money was getting tight.  How would we pay our bills?  I applied for every job out there but unfortunately no one called me.

One of the ways I decided to cut back on expenses, was to stop buying candles from Bath and Body Works as I was truly spending a ton of money on those candles each month ... and it was something we didn't really need. Fast forward a few months ... things were picking up for my husband work wise. I had come across a couple youtube videos by an honest, charismatic gal who sold Scentsy. I began to give it some thought. Now, with a house full of animals (we have 6 ferrets, 3 cats and 3 dogs) I was always worried one of them were going to knock over a candle, or burn their noses from sticking them in the candles to sniff. Plus I was forever second guessing myself if I had remembered to blow out the candle before going to bed, or when heading out the door. And, by selling Scentsy I figured I would be getting my candles at a discount (with getting my commission back on anything I purchased) and who doesn’t love to get things at a discount.

I also liked the idea of contributing to our household finances ... I had been working at home for my husband since 2006, but wanted something of my own - where I made my own mad money so to speak. Now keep in mind I am NOT the home party girl… I never host parties, I never go to the parties, so I didn’t know how much I would like being a Consultant and throwing home parties for a living. However, I figured if I hated it, or just wasn’t any good at Scentsy, I could quit and not be out more than a little pride.

With the Scentsy Business Opportunity I didn’t have to go through any interview processes, work special hours, have a boss tell me what to do, etc. I did have to pay a fee to join the opportunity but really, when I looked at how much money it cost me to own and run my own business, spending $99 to get my own “franchise” if you will, was a no brainer. I had the chance to try out these opportunities and were readily welcomed. All I had to do was follow ‘the leader’ and their systems and add in my desire and work ethic!

Over the next few months, my Scentsy Business began to grow.

I work my business as much as I want and need to. I help my hubby with his business (which he does from home as well), we can just hang out or take a break and go shopping, watch a movie, etc. whenever we want (on his days off from work of course). I have time flexibility which is priceless!

Scentsy is where I want to be. Great product, great people and an even Greater Opportunity for my family!

You may be reading this wondering why I’ve told you all of this information about ourselves. It’s because of Scentsy that we can now pay our bills and are pulling ourselves out of debt. We can get medical insurance again, think about getting reliable cars, start planning for our financial future, go on a vacation, etc.

If you’ve struggled to find a way out of your financial crisis then you should really look at a Home Based Business. Heck, try 2 of them to see which one fits you better. Whatever you decide to do, give it your all. Be excited about it and make sure to run your business with integrity!

What I didn’t expect from all of this was to just fall in LOVE with Scentsy … I love the products, I love the people (and my team) and I love the company. I love Scentsy’s mantra to “give more than you take” and appreciate knowing that I help support so many good causes through Scentsy. Scentsy is truly a family-friendly company that has blessed me in so many ways.

To learn more about Scentsy Products, please visit us online at

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Seacret Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask Review

Seacret is an amazing company, with world-class skin care products made from Dead Sea minerals. Products like Seacret's have been used for centuries to achieve the look of younger, more beautiful skin. The Dead Sea provides some of the most concentrated, natural mineral salts and mineral-rich mud in the world.

I've been wanting to try their products for some time, however, until recently, the only way to get their products here in Canada, was from those kiosk places in the mall.  Well as of October 2012, that changed.  Seacret is now available to Canadians via Seacret Direct.

The first thing I wanted to try was their Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask.

According to their website, the mud mask is based on an advanced formula composed of Dead Sea Mineral mud that gently purifies and cleans clogged pores. Combined with an herbal complex of Aloe Vera, Chamomoile Extract, Vitamin A, Sunflower Seed, and Jojoba Oils. Seacret unique mud mask nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth and fresh. For al skin types - Weight: 3.4 FL. OZ / 100 ML

As soon as my mask arrived, I was excited to try it. The mud is soft and cool and is easy to apply to the face. As it is drying you can feel your face get firmer and once removed, my skin was so soft and clean feeling. I could definitely see a slight improvement in my skin.  A couple days later, no irritations or breakouts.

After my first use, I was very impressed with this mask.  Instructions are to use this mask once a week, so will do so and report back in about a month.