Thursday, June 16, 2011

It Wasn't About The Hockey Game ...

Dear World: It wasn't about the hockey game. Make that clear in your minds. The rioters/looters causing trouble in Vancouver after the Stanley Cup game last night were known criminals/anarchists. The people involved were an organized group of thugs from central Canada known to attach themselves to any cause, travel to any event that attracts media coverage and promote anarchy wherever they go. They were the same group of people who tried to cause trouble at the Olympics and were behind the G20 riots in Toronto last year. It's a shame that a lot of them were wearing Canucks jerseys.

No doubt some of the rioters/looters weren't involved with the anarchists, but with all the partying they just got caught up in the moment. Not all British Columbians, or Canadians act in the manner you are witnessing on your news. 99.99% of Canadians are truly embarrassed by the actions of so very few. Most of us realize it was just a game; a really, really, big important game, but nonetheless a game! Please accept our apologies on behalf of all the idiots involved.