Monday, February 2, 2015

How to Save Money on Your Nails

Happy 2015, everyone! The new year always brings with it new opportunities and the motivation to try new things; maybe it’s a new hairstyle or trying a new beauty routine. This year, why not try something in your beauty routine that will save you money without sacrificing the cute factor?

Recently, one of my Jamberry team members worked out exactly how much she was saving annually by using Jamberry Nail Wraps. Below are the comparisons and a total of the savings (costs used are approximate)

Toes at a salon:
7 times a year at $30 each time = $210 a year in cost
took 45 mins start to finish just in salon (not counting travel time)
7 x 45 mins = 5 hours and 15 minutes a year

Toes with Jamberry:
7 times a year at $4 each time = $28 a year in cost
10 mins start to finish (no travel +required)
1 hour & 10 minutes a year

Nails at a salon:
18 times a year (every 3 weeks) at $30 each time = $540 a year in cost
took 1 hour start to finish (not counting travel time)
18 x 1 = 18 hours a year

Nails with Jamberry:
26 times a year (every 2 weeks) at $4 each time = $104 a year in cost
15 mins start to finish (no travel time required)
6 hours and 30 minutes

Total savings:
Money saved with Jamberry – toes $182 – nails $436 grand total = $618 a year
Time saved with Jamberry – toes 4 hours & 5 min – nails 11 hours & 30 mins
Grand total = 15 hours & 35 minutes

See? Making a simple switch from the salon to using Jamberry saves you over $600 in a year and almost 16 hours of your time.

What could you do this year with all that extra time and money?