Sunday, September 27, 2015

What Happened Last Night

Have you ever woken up next to a stranger and had no clue who they are, no clue where you are or no clue how you got there? You are not alone!!


What Happened Last Night is a romantic comedy written and directed by Candice Cain.  It was originally a successful play produced by C2 Productions in Washington, DC in 1996 and has since been updated and transformed into a hysterical screenplay.  What happened Last Night is set on a college campus and tells the story of heartbreak, friends, rebounds, Greek life, college parties and the fog some of us have experienced the morning after.

Candice's first short film, Unspoken, was a finalist in the 2015 Disability Film Challenge and a finalist in the 2015 Olive Tree International Story Teller Film Festival.  

What happened Last Night will be the first film for Gemelli Films - a partnership between Candice Cain and Joseph Galizio, who currently operate Cain Casting and Talent Management in New York. Because of this company, Gemelli Films has a lot of connections to make an unbelievable movie.  However, they need your help to get the movie off the ground.

An Indiegogo campaign has been launched to help raise the money needed to make this film, and even $1 will help - there are tons of perks for those who help support this amazing film.  Filming is slated to begin at the end of November this year (2015) and a little more than $110,000 is needed for this film, which will cover post-production editing in Los Angeles, the ability to cast some known actions in some terrific roles, permits for shooting, props, sets, wardrobe, marketing, etc.

Some of the actors already on board are:
- Alix Kermes
- Diana Durango
- Joseph Bruno
- David Otunga

It's understandable that some people just aren't able to contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help.  Just share the campaign and maybe others will help.  Encourage others to share - the more attention the campaign gets the better.  Even if the campaign goal isn't reached, the movie will still go ahead.  All money raised during the Indiegogo campaign will go towards production.  The more money raised, the better the production will be.

Take a few minutes to watch Candice and Joe discuss reasons to make a pledge to the Indiegogo campaign - won't you consider contributing???