Friday, December 13, 2013

Oh My Gosh - I LOVE Your Nails!!

Have you ever had a perfect stranger say ”Oh my gosh, I love your nails!” to you? Do your nails get compliments every time you go out in public? Do you have random conversations with perfect strangers regarding your nails? Well, I do! Every time I go out I hear these words: “Oh my gosh, I love your nails!” This is a common occurrence for a Jamberry Nails consultant.

Why are people making comments about my nails? Because they have Jamberry nail wraps on them. With almost 300 designs there is a nail wrap for everyone. Sometimes I’m wearing something calm. Sometimes it’s a nail wrap that matches what I’m wearing that day. And often times I’m wearing something bold. I like bold things…big earrings, great sandals, and a particular name in overpriced handbags.

No matter where I go, people see my nails. Starbucks, the grocery store, the post office…anywhere. People notice my nails. The sweetest little girl was with her mom at the grocery store. She noticed my nails as I was paying. She was so excited about our conversation about nails. The strangest place was in a restroom in the Orlando airport. Now I’m sure many strange things go on in airport restrooms, but I never thought someone would comment on my Jamberry toes that they saw under the restroom stall. All I could say was thank you because I was stunned that people actually talk while using the restroom.

I should start keeping a log/journal of when and where people comment on my Jamberry nail wraps. It would make for interesting conversation the next time I am in an airport.

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Easy Nail Art - The Lazy Gals Way to Fabulous Nails

Are you limited for time but want fun nails? Do you love nail art but you are not an artist? Are you tired of paying $5 or more PER NAIL to get something fun added to your manicure or pedicure?

STOP!!! Jamberry nails to the rescue.

We have nail wraps that take care of the problems listed above. Our vinyl, non-toxic, gluten free, no odor nail wraps are applied in about 15 minutes with a simple mini heater, pressure, scissors and a nail file. With over 300 wrap designs we have nail art for everyone. Age 3-93…we have it all. Sports, flowers, solid, holiday, French tip, reverse French tip, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, bright, calm, bridal, even wraps for the little girls. Whatever your style, we have something to compliment it.

Teenagers and Tweens want to have stylish and up to date nail fashion. Moms and dads don’t want to spend the money. Jamberry nail wraps are the answer. Priced right and with multiple uses per sheet, the girls will get many uses and it’s a value for the parents. And since it’s DIY, there’s no drive time to and from the salon. Easy and at home. Great thing to do with your teenager or tween.

Maybe you’re just lazy and won’t make the effort to find a salon you like. Maybe you’re just lazy and don’t want to take the time to paint and dry your nails. Maybe you’re just lazy…Jamberry is the perfect answer for you and your up to date nail fashion!!!

Lazy??? You’re not lazy? You will still love the time and money saved by using our nail wraps. Once your nails are done you can use the time for something else you love to do. You can even put these nail wraps OVER your salon applied nails. Super easy, super fun and it WILL save you time!!

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