Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: YSL Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream

I just returned from a trip to Burbank, CA and while I was there I happened to stop at the Sephora store in the Hollywood & Highland complex.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular ... just checking things out to see what was different from our Canadian stores.

As I wandered around the store, I came across the Yves Saint Laurent section.  I've become a big fan of YSL's products over the past couple of years and am never without my Touche Eclat luminizing pen.  I have yet to find an American BB cream that is as good as the Asian BB creams, and when I saw the Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream, I was skeptical.

According to YSL, this all-in-one BB cream will hydrate, conceal, correct, protect and prime.  It promises to prime the skin to conceal imperfections with non-stop hydration for all complexions.  It is available in 3 shades (clear, medium and dark) and has an SPF of 25.

I've been using Skin 79's Hot Pink Super Plus BB cream for a couple years now but I hate having to order it from sellers on ebay (you never know if you are going to end up with a fake).  I've previously used Chanel's Vitalumiere moisturizing foundation, which I love for evening out the skin tone, but I am constantly looking for a lighter coverage that I can put on quickly to go run errands.

I gave the YSL all-in-one BB cream a sample at the Sephora store and was VERY pleased so picked up a tube.  By the way, it's not cheap by any means ($50 Canadian as compared to $35 for the Skin 79).

I used this cream over the next few days and I was pleasantly surprised that it not only gives a similar radiance as Vitalumiere, but it's a lighter consistency and yet provides the same benefits as a foundation.   So much in fact that I no longer have to use a foundation - and that I consider a score.   The color blends well and is fantastic for discoloration and acne.  I haven't noticed the color correction yet, but it's too soon to tell yet.

Overall I'm really happy with this product.  It has enough coverage were I wouldn't need foundation over it.  It's a little pricey but TOTALLY worth it.  I like to use this, then YSL's Touche Eclat under my eyes, and follow up with a dusting of the .Laura Geller Balance n' Brighten baked powder to give it a matte finish.  I get so many compliments!!

If you're worried about the price, I say go for it - you won't be sorry!!