Friday, July 23, 2010

Tim Hortons Ice Cappuccino

... or more commonly known as an "ice cap" ... and I'm hopelessly addicted.

An ice cap is a summertime drink made from coffee, thick cream and ice ... while I don't know the exact number, I think each one has about a million calories!!

The ice cap is a menace ... and it is, no doubt, designed to be as addictive as crack cocaine. I'm sure that somebody in the chemistry department at Tim Hortons worked long and hard to boost the ice cap ingredients with fats and sugars, and all manner of goop to make you drool.

When you look at the goop coming out of the machine, it is really disgusting when you think about it ... but it's good ... really good.

Ice caps come in five delicious flavours - French Vanilla, Butter Caramel, Hazelnut, Mint and seasonal varieties (such as their newest flavour Mocha). I always just order the regular Iced Cap with chocolate milk. It's very refreshing and always tastes great (seriously I have never had one not taste great) ... they are very affordable (about $2 to $3 depending on the size you order.

My mission - I must find a copy cat recipe which will allow me to make these at home!!!

Note : Tim Horton's nutritional literature says a 10 oz Ice Cap has 250 calories. You can get one made with milk for 150 calories.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bath Product Review - H2O+ Sea Marine Triple Butter Sugar Scrub

I received this in a swap on ...

~ very thick
~ spreads easily
~ scent isn't overpowering
~ contains lots of good things

~ much too expensive for a simple sugar scrub
~ somewhat hard to scoop out of the container without getting a lot of water in the jar

Overall, I liked this scrub - it leaves your skin moisturized and soft - no need for a lotion afterwards. Unfortunately this scrub isn't bad, nor is it great. It's just an ordinary sugar scrub that's a tad overpriced. I think I'll try making my own rather than repurchasing.

Beauty Product Review - L'Oreal • Studio Secrets - Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer/ Corrector

I was anxious to try this primer based on the many great reviews I had read ... and it didn't disappoint!! I love the mousse texture of this primer and a little does go a long way. It smooths out all the surfaces on my face, covering all my large pores and acne scars quite nicely.

The only thing I don't like about this primer is the jar packaging - I'd prefer to have this product in a tube.

This is definitely a winner in my book and an essential addition to my make-up collection!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tassimo Review ...

I've been using the Tassimo Hot Beverage Machine for just over 6 months now ...

What I like about the Tassimo:
~ It's very quiet - of course it's not silent, but the sounds it does make are generally just the normal brewing sounds
~ It's very quick - there's no pre-heating or boiling of the water, you just plug it in, turn it on, insert a t-disk and press the button
~ Cup stand - I like that you can dial up the height of the cup stand to fit espresso or regular coffee mugs, or remove the cup stand totally to allow for use of travel mugs.
~ The selection of beverages - the variety of t-disks is awesome - coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos. The Tassimo system is also the only hot beverage system to feature liquid shelf stable milk in a single serve coffee format. The milk t-disks are filled with hyper-pasteurized milk, making the lattes and cappuccinos produced from the Tassimo very buttery, and delicious.

What I don't like about the Tassimo:
~ My only real complaint is that I wish there were more varieties of tea available, as the only teas available are Twinnings Earl Grey, Chai and Green Tea.
~ I would also like to see reusable T-Disc system, like the kind that's available for the Keurig machines. It would be interesting to see if Braun responds to that.
~ Maybe we can also get Tim Horton's t-disks???

Overall, I'm really happy with the Tassimo; it's easy and convenient and it produces some very tasty beverages.

I've been neglecting my blog ...

When I started this blog I had good intentions ... unfortunately I've been neglecting my blog. I'm so sorry! Hopefully over the next few months I'll get it up and running ...